Payot Paris Skin Care

Payot Paris Skin Care - A Different Version of Beauty

Payot Paris Skin Care has many benefits for the skin including the ability to hydrate, nourish, soothe and protect. These products have been developed since 1927 at the Payot Institute in Paris under the strictest quality guidelines and with an adherence towards excellence and innovation. Founded by Dr. Nadia Payot, a renowned beauty philosopher, Payot continues to this day to create products which are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Payot Paris Spa, based on the expertise of the Payot Institute, combines skincare with sensory techniques to foster relaxation and revitalization. Referring to their skin care products as “cosmeceuticals”, Payot has managed to keep their items effective as beauty enhancing skin care that still sustains the ability to revitalize and nourish the skin. In addition to face care, Payot’s product line features exfoliating shower gels, invigorating body lotions, energizing sprays, lavender body creams, body oil sprays, and bath oils, all of which hold close to Dr. Nadia Payot’s philosophy of revitalizing the body along with the soul.

Payot Paris Skin Care
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Payot Paris Skin Care

Payot Paris Non-Alcoholic Toner

Moisturizing, stimulating and revitalizing, Payot Paris Non-Alcoholic Toner (Lotion Essentielle) is a gentle way to finish cleansing and prepares your skin perfectly to receive its Payot treatment products.

Payot Paris Skin Care

Payot Paris Melting Multi-Hydrating Cream

Contains all-day active ingredients which ensure continuous and progressive moisturization to help diminish fine lines caused by dehydration. Morning or night, as soon as you apply its rich, lightweight texture, you will feel its protective and softening benefits on your skin.

Payot Paris Skin Care

Payot Paris Soothing Eye Contour Care

A comprehensive eye contour care formula, Doux Regard soothes and gently treats the specific signs of ageing in this delicate area, and will not irritate even the most sensitive eyes. Its gentle and fresh cream-gel texture is easily absorbed by your skin. Proven soothing action.

Payot Paris Skin Care

Payot Paris Oil Free Anti-Shine Cream

A richly-textured yet non-greasy gel cream, brightens your complexion and leaves a matt finish. Your skin is moisturized and protected. After one month firmness can improve by 24%, elasticity by 13%.

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