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Tend Skin Lotions available through Ariva Skin Care

Tend Skin Lotions products are developed with the purpose of reducing the initial appearance and reoccurrence of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and waxing redness that is caused by removing hair from the body. Tend Skin’s formula was actually discovered by accident when a dentist, working on a patient who’s face was covered with razor bumps, was rid of his affliction after being given pain medication by the dentist. After being informed by the patient about how many men suffer from razor bumps, the patient and the dentist began to develop a formula that would be able to be applied to the skin, since the medication given to the patient could not be taken on a daily basis.

After 8 years of developing their formula, Tend Skin Lotions’ patented formula was born into the miracle product that helps to clear the skin of painful ingrown hairs and bumps caused by shaving. Since that day, Tend Skin has been committed in the pursuit of taking away the unsightly blemishes caused by ingrown hair and has obtained great success in their pursuit.

Tend Skin Lotions for Men

For those with "razor bumps" (PFB): Apply Tend Skin lotions twice per day at first. Apply at night before sleep and again in the morning after shaving. Once the skin clears (usually in 48 hours), you should apply daily to maintain clear skin.

It is strongly advised to use a fresh sharp razor, be it single or double edge, and replacing it after one or two shaves. Clippers can be used, however you will not get as smooth a shave. Applying Tend Skin Lotions before shaving will decrease the burning and itching associated with PFB. You will find your own pattern of use. To avoid eye irritation, do not "splash" Tend Skin Lotions on to face! It is also recommended to use a cotton ball.

For men who have unsightly razor burn on their necks, or redness from wearing a tie, applying Tend Skin lotions after shaving should clear the skin, usually in a matter of hours. Daily use will prevent the problem.

Tend Skin Lotions for Women

For Ingrown Hairs: Applying Tend Skin lotions to existing ingrown hairs will clear many of them in 24 to 48 hours. Tweezing is not needed or advised as resulting skin damage can increase the formation of ingrown hairs.

For use with Electrolysis: Applying Tend Skin Lotions before electrolysis will help protect the skin during the procedure. Applying after electrolysis will quench the burning and eliminate the redness within minutes. Applying several times weekly will prevent ingrown hair formation.

For use with Waxing: applying Tend Skin lotions before waxing will "ease" the wax "pull". The hairs will "feel" loosened. Then apply after waxing to eliminate redness within minutes, and the next day you should not have post-wax.

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Top 2 Tend Skin Lotions Products at Ariva

Tend Skin Lotions - Liquid Tend Skin Lotions - Liquid
Tend Skin Lotions Liquid eliminates razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs in 24 hours. Tend Skin is ideal for women and men. Men can use it on their faces and necks. Women will find it useful on legs, bikini lines, underarms and anywhere else hair removal creates ingrown hairs or razor bumps.
Tend Skin Lotions - Air Shave GelTend Skin Lotions - Air Shave Gel
Tend Skin Lotions Air Shave Gel is made from the finest ingredient combination. It far exceeds the lubricity of any shave gel on the market. Try rubbing it between your fingers and see for yourself. It simply doesn’t dry out!

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